All About Mat Rental

We hate to say it, but here in Pennsylvania, snow and ice is right around the corner.  We’re not trying to wish away fall BUT if you don’t have mats in your restaurant or business, now’s a great time to think about it. A regular mat service will have a positive impact on your business […]

We Employ The Best People And It Shows

We truly employ the best people which in turn, allows us to provide the best service.  Think that our employment practices don’t effect you?  Well, they do!  Employing top of the line managers gives us a tremendous advantage in the quality service and products we provide our customers. The Textile Rental Services Association of America […]

The Less Obvious Benefits Of Table Linens

Everyone knows the advantages of using linen table cloths when it comes to elegance and the overall feel for a restaurant.  Our customers who switch from paper napkins have so many great things to say about using cloth, besides just raising their prices.  What’s interesting is that a lot of their reasons for switching are […]

Never Ask For Service Again

Our customers have told us that the best part about renting from us is that you don’t have to ask for service.  Hopefully, besides a little small talk with one of our friendly Route Service Reps, you won’t even know we were there; new (and the correct amount of) product will just magically appear on […]

Delivering Team Success In Your Kitchen

Believe it or not, we’re much more than just a plain old linen company.  Did you know, we’re able to help your entire kitchen team be more productive and happy?  Sounds crazy, right?  How would a linen company make my kitchen team more productive?  Well we can! Study after study has shown that staff in […]

Local Commercial Laundry vs. National Chain Laundry

So what’s the big deal about going using small, regionally local businesses?  Did you know, working with a local, family-owned business adds a tremendous value to the region?  One study noted for every $100 spent with a local-entity, $45 goes back into the community.  For a chain, only $14 goes back.  Wow, mind blown on […]

Client Perceptions Of Napkins

So you’re thinking about switching your napkins.  Many restaurants toy with the idea of switching from paper to cloth napkins but it all comes down to one thing; is there an actual benefit from a profitability standpoint for your restaurant? Our customers often question if this change will yield a higher revenue for them or […]

How Rental Mats Can Save You Money

When we talk about mats, most people immediately think of a logoed entrance mat.  Logo mats are one of the most popular products we offer because our clients love how they look in their entryway and the understand the key role they play to brand their business. But there’s so much more to mats than just creating […]

Calculating Linen Needs In Your Restaurant

Sometimes we forget that not everyone is experienced in linen usage.  Many of our customers need help when calculating their linen usage needs.  Fortunately, we’ve been doing this a long time (88 years to be exact) so we’ve got you covered.  When calculating your specific linen rental needs, there are some pretty simple formulas to […]

The Importance Of Customer Service In The Linen Rental Business

As a linen rental business, one thing we sets us apart from our competition is our customer relationships.  Frankly, we’re more than just linen on the shelf.  Not only do our customers have a Route Service Professional who delivers their clean items and takes away the dirty, they also have a District Service Manager who […]