Pro tip: How to Get the Best Towel Service in Pennsylvania

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Dear #DirtyLaundryExpert,

My employees use up our entire delivery of towels almost immediately every week, but it is not in the budget to keep increasing our delivery. What should I do?


“Towels On A Budget”



Dear “Towels on a Budget,”

I know that’s frustrating. You don’t want to keep increasing your inventory but you NEED enough towels to last you until your next delivery.

You have a few options here:

  1. Have the towels delivered to the manager office or other secure location. From there they can be distributed more diligently. Some customers even have a locked cage or cabinet (or else all items that seem to disappear too quickly).
  2. Ask your linen provider if you are using the right towel for the right application.
    1. Microfiber – front of the house, wiping tables, etc.
    2. Grill pad – for use around the grill, holding pans, etc.
    3. Lower cost/quality bar towel – back of the house, wiping counters. Lower cost with more stains/holes.
    4. Premium bar towel – Minimum stains or holes for use in front of patrons, wiping tables, glasses, etc. Higher price.
  1. Ask your linen provider for solutions on reducing your overall costs. Perhaps you can fund your additional towel delivery by saving money on your bathroom supplies, which can often be provided at a savings, sometimes with new dispensers included.

I’m Jay Rasmussen, and this is My Dirty Laundry.

*Jay is the Vice President of Sales for Balfurd Linen and Uniform Service, and is a “Dirty Laundry” Expert. Contact him at

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