All About Mat Rental

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We hate to say it, but here in Pennsylvania, snow and ice is right around the corner.  We’re not trying to wish away fall BUT if you don’t have mats in your restaurant or business, now’s a great time to think about it.

A regular mat service will have a positive impact on your business on so many levels.  Not only do they create a great first impression with customers but they keep your establishment clean, keep your customers and employees safe, and cut down on labor costs for cleaning.  Not all mats are the same and there are different types of mats for various purposes.  We know all these choices can be confusing!  We wanted to provide you with a quick reference guide of what the best type of mat is for any given concern and location within your business.

Entrance Mats:
These mats are the primary defense against dirt and moisture entering the store front.  Many of our clients will get these mats logoed to create an immediate brand awareness when their patrons step through the door.  A good quality entrance mat should have 4 components.

  1. Stop dirt & water at the door
  2. Store soil & water for removal
  3. Minimize the tracking of soil & water in the facility
  4. Provide a safe surface that is slip resistant but not a tripping hazard.

Scraper Mats:
These mats can be used  just inside or just outside of an entrance.  They are the first line of defense, effectively trapping & holding heavy soil.  They work best in addition to entrance mats that also provide wiping properties to remove fine soil & water.

Interior Mats:
These mats are typically used as “dust control” or “finishing” mats.  They also should control soil in higher use areas like customer counters, vending machines, coffee service areas, etc.  They are very useful in protecting flooring surfaces from wear in these high traffic areas.

Logo Mats:
These are an ideal way to promote a positive corporate image while still protecting interior surfaces.  Many different types of mats can be logoed to meet your needs.

Anti Fatigue Mat:
These mats provide a safe, productive surface for staff members who stand for long periods of time.  Prolonged standing restricts blood flow because leg muscles become static.  Reduced blood flow causes fatigue.  Anti-Fatigue Mats allow leg muscles to contract & expand increasing blood flow and thereby reducing fatigue.

Anti-Slip Mats:
These mats provide safe footing in slippery environments.  Typical applications include outside of entrances, ramps and areas where contaminants such as oil, grease or water are common.  They are also used in food preparation areas where there is a high chance of slipping by staff.

Mats are essential to keep your business clean and safe.  Logo mats are one of our customer’s favorites since they create essential branding and give your entrance a professional look.  Our experienced team is more than happy to come to your establishment to help build a mat program that will fit your needs!  The best part is, you don’t have to worry about cleaning the mats yourself.  We will pick-up your dirty mats and drop off clean ones for you!  You can forget about them with peace of mind that your storefront looks great!  We service restaurants and businesses of all sizes from Pittsburgh to Harrisburg and Eastern Pennsylvania. Contact us today for a free consultation!

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