Towel And Sheet Service = More Time And Money For You!

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Own a spa, fitness facility or salon?  Then you know that your clients expect clean, fresh towels and sheets available to them when they visit your establishment.

As a business, you have to decide if you want to purchase or rent these items.  If you purchase them, you need to be prepared to make a sizable investment to buy your own quality products and hire the extra employees necessary to clean, dry, inventory and organize those items.  The other option is to look for a rental service to meet those needs.

When renting, you don’t need to worry about the huge initial payment of purchasing and the continued money that will be spent on the upkeep of your linens.  A rental service will be able to offer you the quality you expect while servicing your account and cutting down on labor by hauling away those dirty linens and dropping off clean and crisp ones.

When we speak to customers who decide to rent their items (after they’ve serviced their own linens) we’ve found a few common reasons why they have seen a huge benefit in renting:

Less labor: If you decide to outsource your linen rental you won’t have to account for the labor and time it takes to launder, dry, fold, distribute, and keep track of your linens.  Some of our smaller clients initially thought they could just take their linens home or to the Laundromat. They come to us when they realize the huge amount of time that’s wasted in these ventures.  Going to the Laundromat eats up a huge chunk of your time that could be spent on other aspects of your business.  Doing this laundry at home or buying a washer will create additional costs in maintaining and servicing your personal washer and dryer and may not be very hygenic.

Maintenance Fees:  Instead of washing at home or at a laundromat, some business opt to purchase industrial equipment to process these items.  If you do purchase a washer and dryer for your business, remember the maintenance and installation costs to upkeep this equipment.  In addition, you’ll have to purchase detergent and attempt to get stains out of linens and sheets which isn’t always an easy task.

Efficient Operations: If as a manager, you aren’t willing to handle the cleaning of linens yourself, you may have to hire new staff to handle cleaning your sheets and linens.  If that isn’t in the budget (which it isn’t for most companies) current employees will have to double their workload and handle the cleaning and distribution of these items.  This will give them less time to focus on their normal duties and may take away from their productivity.

Easily Expand:  A great aspect of renting is that as your business expands and you find yourself needing more products, you won’t have to purchase new towels and sheets.  If you’re using a rental company, you can easily increase your order to have additional product on hand without extra labor or time on your part.  Many of our customers find that once they start offering a towel or sheet service they are seen as an elite facility and they actually bring in more business because of their customer’s perceptions.  The quality towels and sheets offered will show your establishment’s luxury and increase your reputation.  This all leads to the ability to charge a higher price for the services offered at your business.

Profit: Some companies charge a nominal service fee for using towels or incorporate a fee into the overall service to account for linen.  This can be an additional source of revenue for your business.

The businesses we service who decide to start renting linens never go back to doing their own.

They have seen the huge-time savings and profit-increase from outsourcing.  They have more time to work on their business rather than working in their business.  They don’t have to pay their employees additional wages and take-away from their normal duties.  Many businesses will actually see an increase in revenue thanks to the quality and reputation they create from renting linens.

Contact us today for a quick and free quote and let us help you make your business more profitable!  Our team of experts will be able to determine if renting towels and sheets may be a good fit for your business.  Wondering about contracts?  Checkout our 5 Mistakes to Avoid on your Linen Contract.

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