Is Your Linen & Uniform Service Provider Getting Your Items Clean?

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Dear #Dirtylaundryexpert,

How can I tell if my linen provider is getting my items clean? Is there some sort of test?


Clean Freak

Dear Clean Freak,

A good linen and uniform provider should be proud to show you all the effort put into getting your stuff clean.

Here are three recommendations to gain confidence that your stuff is clean.

  1. Ask for credentials.

The dirty laundry industry provides certifications that require regular testing and auditing of laundry cleanliness levels. Ask your provider to provide documentation of these updated certifications. At Balfurd, for example, we are required to be at the top level of all clean certifications (Hygienically Clean) for the critical environments that we service.

  1. Get a Tour.

Touring a laundry is actually pretty cool for all involved. You and your provider will both enjoy this experience. Unless… of course… you’re hanging out with the wrong crowd…

Most customers do not realize that this option is available, but our health care customers are required by law to tour our facility annually, as well as collect a copy of our updated certifications. So, let’s get you on the calendar!

  1. Partner Up.

You can help us to be better.

If product is not meeting your requirements, send examples with your route rep to review with the real laundry nerds back at headquarters (like me!).

A good provider will do two things with this information.

  1. Review issue/opportunity with our chemical provider. Often there is a wash formula, cycle, or process change that can eliminate stains and/or odors.
  2. Review issue/opportunity with you, the customer. If your provider is claiming there is nothing they can do, they are lying. This is an OLD industry. We are not splitting the atom here. It’s Dirty Laundry. We can usually fix it if we know (and care) about it.

If you have tried and failed with any of these recommendations, then it’s time for you to get some better laundry friends.

I’m Jay Rasmussen, and this is My Dirty Laundry.

*Jay is the Vice President of Sales for Balfurd Linen & Uniform Service and his a “dirty laundry” expert. Contact him at

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