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No matter the size or scale of your business, uniform rental services add numerous benefits. Aside from being cost-effective, professional uniform apparel can promote your business’s branding, instill customer confidence, and improve employee morale.

We understand every business is different so we provide fully customizable rental programs that can be catered to every business industry from restaurants to healthcare spaces to manufacturing facilities. With a large selection of uniform apparel and accessories, you can choose from various styles and colors that align best with your business.

Starting A Uniform Rental Program

Our uniform rental service is customizable and designed to meet all of your business necessities. By using our rental program, we ensure that the quality of your linens is consistent so your team always relies on having comfortable, clean, pressed uniforms.

There’s no need to pay exorbitant laundry costs or have to sort through, purchase, or replace damaged uniforms. With our rental service, we assign a designated rep to work directly with you to manage pickups, deliveries, and replacements automatically.

Starting a rental program is easy. Simply request a quote to have a representative contact you today!

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How Uniform Rental Works

No matter your request, you’ll have what you need, when you need it. No more uniform purchasing, laundering, and replacing headaches. With Balfurd’s uniform rental program, we purchase, stock, launder, mend, and replace your linens automatically.

Service is consistently scheduled to deliver on the same days each week with a professional route person assigned to monitor your needs. Renting from Balfurd is a labor-saving, cost-effective way to outsource a time-consuming task. We handle the dirty work so you can focus on growing your business.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“As the owner of a small Bed & Breakfast, this was my first time using a linen service. I was hesitant about it because I was not sure of what to expect. After speaking with one of the representative about the service I decided try it out. I could not be more satisfied with the service. The delivery of the linens is consistent and the replacement for damaged linens is quick and painless. I'm so glad I decided to give Balfurd's services a try. My only regret is not having done it sooner.”
Benjamin Witten, Business Owner
“I'm a new business owner and recently opened my own restaurant. As any new business owner will tell you, the preparation phase is the most stressful. The last thing I needed to worry about was finding a uniform supplier. I was pleased to come across Balfurd's uniform rental services. They gave me everything I needed to supply my staff. From chefs coats, to pants, to aprons. Balfurd really has it all! And the best part is, they're on top of everything. Any issues with the garments and they'll replace them for you.”
Lindsey De Vries, General Manager
“Balfurd's facility supply service is a real life saver. As the office manager of a small medical office, I was already familiar with them because they supply us with our medical garments. But their facility supply has really made it easier for our office. We're constantly cleaning and are always going through wet mops and dust mops. They're consistently resupplying us and that takes the stress off me when I know I can rely on their deliveries. Thank you!”
Lisa Klein, Office Manager

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