The Benefits of Having a First Aid Supply Service

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No matter the size of the business, it is crucial to have a first aid kit or station that is accessible in your location. While many businesses must maintain specific supplies for compliance purposes, keeping a wide range of supplies for emergencies is recommended. But as supplies are used up and others sit for months, the task of overseeing first aid provisions can be tedious. That’s why many businesses have turned to first aid supply services to monitor, maintain, and restock supplies for them.

So what are some benefits to having a First Aid Rental Service?

Assures Your Business is Fully Stocked

First aid supplies can range anywhere from ibuprofen to bandages and antiseptic wipes. Supplies that are more commonly used run the risk of running out while supplies that are hardly used run the risk of expiring. Regardless, first aid supplies need to be constantly monitored for replenishment purposes. Having a first aid service provider ensures that your kits and cabinets are up-to-date and fully stocked so you never have to worry about supplies running low, running out, or expiring. 

Keeps Your Business OSHA Compliant

Depending on the industry, businesses are required to provide specific first aid equipment to meet compliance with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). For example, OSHA requires manufacturing businesses to have services such as Eyewash Stations on-site. Having a first aid service provider helps businesses remain compliant with the work conditions that OSHA enforces. First aid service providers customize plans so businesses stay compliant by carrying products fit to meet their individual needs.

Prepares Your Business for Emergencies

First aid kits, cabinets, and stations contain supplies needed to treat accidents and injuries. Having the right supplies on hand not only keeps your business compliant with mandates and regulations but also keeps your business prepared in case of emergency. Accidents can happen at any time and having the right supplies, equipment, and awareness will help employees be prepared for work emergencies that can occur during a shift. Having a reliable first aid service provider ensures your first aid stations are clean, organized, and in a visible location to make supplies easily accessible in case of emergency.

Reliable First Aid Supply Services

With first aid stations being an important matter of compliance and safety, finding a reliable provider is vital. Balfurd Linen & Uniform is a trusted first aid supply rental provider that has been servicing Greater Pittsburgh and Harrisburg for over 95 years. Balfurd provides a convenient, cost-effective way to receive professional services so businesses can focus on other tasks while prioritizing employee and customer safety. Contact Balfurd Linen & Uniform to get a quote today!