Defining Hygienically Clean Healthcare Linens

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In the healthcare industry, cleanliness and proper hygiene are absolutely essential for the well being of patients, doctors, nurses, and staff. Scrubs are worn in healthcare facilities for the purpose of preventing cross contamination. In order to maintain hygiene, scrubs need to be regularly washed, disinfected, and replaced when necessary. This is where healthcare linen rental services can be extremely helpful and time-saving for healthcare facilities. However, you want to ensure that the linen rental company you choose is certified as Hygienically Clean.

What is Hygienically Clean Certification? 

The Hygienically Clean certification is given to uniform and linen rental facilities who show a commitment to thorough and proper cleaning of laundry. To obtain this certification, your business must prove that they abide by the hygienically clean standards and best management practices. 

What Goes Into Hygienically Clean Certification? 

To prove that your business is committed to hygienically clean standards, you must go through three rounds of microbial testing. These microbial tests check for bacteria, yeast, and mold on the laundered clothes. If you pass the three rounds, you receive the certification.

Maintaining Certification

Once you are certified as Hygienically Clean, you must maintain it by passing quarterly and semi-annually tests. These tests are given to ensure that hygiene procedures are up to standard. Just like the first test, laundry must have zero trace of bacteria, yeast, and mold. This test will occur every 2-3 years, so it is important for uniform and linen rental companies to stay on top of the proper laundering processes. 

Trust Balfurd Linen Service 

Because sanitation is crucial in healthcare, some facilities are wary of trusting a uniform rental company with their scrubs. The Hygienically Clean Certification is the best way to instill trust in all parties involved. If you’re a medical facility looking for a hygienically clean partner to provide safe, sanitized linens, contact Balfurd Linen Service today for a quote.