Benefits of Anti-Slip Mats

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Slips and falls due to wet floors are common accidents, particularly during winter months. Hard floors can be especially dangerous when wet. To protect your customers from such accidents, it is helpful to place anti-slip mats at the entrance of your establishment. These mats help to absorb water, dirt, and debris brought in from the outside and provide a safer footing for your customers.

1. Comfort

Aside from the safety benefits of anti-slip mats, they may also increase comfort for your workers who spend a lot of time on their feet. Extended time spent standing can cause health problems such as lower back, neck, and leg pain, circulatory problems, and more. The US National Library of Medicine found that anti-fatigue mats and shoe inserts have been proven to help reduce lower back and leg pain in the workplace. Aside from a decrease in productivity due to employees’ discomfort, thousands of dollars every year are paid by companies for compensation claims for musculoskeletal discomfort. The simple implementation of anti-slip mats can save your employees the pain and save your business thousands.

2. Keeping the Outside Out

As we head into the winter season, more dirt, snow, and mud are bound to be tracked inside. Melted snow brought in can cause a serious slip hazard in your establishment if not prevented. Additionally, dirt and mud don’t just look bad but also raise health concerns inside your establishment. This can all be prevented by the implementation of anti-slip mats at the entrance of your building. These mats should be large enough to remove all dirt and debris on footwear and wheels entering the building.

3. Cleanliness and Safety

Anti-slip mats help prevent accidents in areas with high foot traffic or are wet or slippery. Hard flooring can be especially dangerous when it is wet outside or in an area with an active sink or faucet. A few drops of water on a slippery surface like tile flooring can give way to a serious fall. A recent report by the CDC found that 18% of nonfatal work injuries were due to slips, trips, and falls. Anti-slip mats keep your employees and customers safe by preventing them from injury.

4. Presentation

Aside from functionality, anti-slip mats can be an aesthetic touch too. In addition to keeping your staff safe, you can also display and advertise your business on the anti-slip mat. You can choose the color, style, and design of your mat that elevates the interior of your establishment. A custom welcome mat can leave a positive impression on your customers.

Balfurd Anti-Slip Mat Rental Services:

Falls, injuries and fractures are the last things your employees and customers should have to worry about when coming to your facility. It may seem like a small change, but anti-slip mats can save people from serious injuries that have you wishing you had put in the work to prevent these kinds of accidents. Thankfully, preventing these accidents is surprisingly easy. With Balfurd’s mat rental services, you can pick from a variety of mats for one that suits your needs best.