The Benefits of Having a Commercial Restroom Supply Program

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No matter the industry, providing access to proper hygiene products is important for customer safety, perception, and retention. Moreover, businesses in the service and hospitality industries must maintain specific restroom sanitation guidelines as required by OSHA. Commercial restroom supply rental programs have stepped in to make it easier for businesses by overseeing supply inventory and ensuring all guidelines are met. Prioritizing convenience, it’s no question why many businesses are turning toward commercial restroom supply programs.

What Is Commercial Restroom Supply Rental?

A commercial restroom supply rental service manages all of your restroom, cleaning, and sanitation needs. They manage everything from toilet paper to paper towels, soap, hand sanitizers, and more. They regularly monitor your supplies to make sure your facility is always fully stocked with everything you need to ensure your employees and customers have access to proper hygiene products. 

What Are the Benefits of Commercial Restroom Supply Programs?

Maintaining restroom supplies can seem like a simple task but as business growth occurs and health guidelines change, it can become a tedious task. Running your business is stressful enough and the state of your restroom supplies is the last thing you need to worry about. So what is a good alternative for business owners who don’t have time to fret over restroom supplies?

Below are 3 benefits of signing up for a restroom supply rental program: 

1. Convenient

Restroom supply services assign a designated rep to monitor, deliver, and restock your supplies. These providers create specific schedules based on the size and scope of your business to ensure deliveries are always reliable and consistent so you never run low on essential supplies. These delivery schedules are flexible and dependable adjusting with the flow of your business.

2. Cost Efficient

Managing the inventory and costs of restroom supplies in-house can be a daunting task for business owners and employees alike. A commercial restroom program can provide cost-efficiency by managing your supply, personnel, and delivery costs. Rental programs can provide name-brand restroom supplies at a lower price point by saving you money on the cost of the products and the delivery. It also saves business owners from assigning personnel to handle these tasks, freeing them up to focus on other responsibilities within the business.

3. Quality Control

Supply rental program providers will assign a point of contact to monitor your supply inventory and the quality of your products. Whether a soap dispenser is broken, or a paper towel dispenser is not working properly, there is no need to seek assistance as the assigned representative will repair or replace them for you. All hygiene products are purchased from reputable suppliers so the quality of soaps, sanitizers, and paper products will always remain consistent.

Choosing the Right Provider

Hiring a reputable restroom supply provider can make a difference in your business’s day-to-day operations by saving you money and delivering quality and convenience.

Don’t put your business at risk of being penalized due to the state of your restroom supplies when you can get peace of mind through a commercial restroom supply rental service. Contact Balfurd Linen & Uniform to get a quote today!