Which Industries Need Towel Cleaning Services

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For some, even going to work doesn’t signal an escape from the task of laundry, as many people work in environments that produce plenty of laundry daily. To put this into perspective, the global commercial laundry market is worth $1.45 billion. That’s a lot of towels, bedding, and tablecloths that need to be washed every day! 

Benefits of Towel Services

  • Cost-effective: Laundry services eliminate the cost associated with electricity use from washing bulk laundry at your establishment. Choosing commercial laundry can also make complete financial sense once the costs of in-house services are added up. By saving on utilities, equipment, upkeep, and washing products, companies can spend the same or less when outsourcing.
  • Time-Saving: Balfurd Linen Service assesses your business’s needs and creates a plan that brings you the materials you need when you need them. With a quick turnaround, Balfurd ensures you will consistently have clean towels and linens in rotation
  • Hygienic: The high standard of laundry products by commercial services also ensures that businesses comply with various health and safety regulations. Balfurd Linen Service holds The Hygienically Clean certification that is given to linen rental facilities that show a commitment to the proper and hygienic cleaning of laundry.


Top 5 Industries That Use Towel Cleaning Services

  • Hospitality: Establishments like hotels, casinos, motels, and event spaces have large volumes of guests coming in and out quickly. To maintain this high turnover of guests, these businesses need ample amounts of linens and towels on hand so that each guest can experience clean, fresh service. 


  • Food Industry: The average American restaurant serves over one hundred guests per day, and each guest needs clean napkins. Because each table needs to be cleaned with a fresh towel, the food industry is one of the largest consumers of towels, napkins, and linens.


  • Healthcare: OSHA has established comprehensive guidelines for laundry operations in healthcare settings with the aim of minimizing the hazards of contaminated laundry and preventing exposure to pathogens. 


  • Public Sector: Public sectors include government agencies, infrastructure, emergency services, utilities and the military. 20.2 million people in the US work in the public sector, necessitating large volumes of laundry to maintain all of their facilities.


  • Manufacturing: Proper industrial laundry care is of the utmost importance in manufacturing industries where employees are exposed to hazardous materials. Protective clothing worn in manufacturing must be laundered correctly to maintain its effectiveness. 


 Learn More About Commercial Linen and Towel Services

Balfurd’s commercial linen and towel services serve many sectors. Our business model is designed to be cost-effective, fast, and convenient for a wide variety of industries. Explore our website to learn more about our processes, services, tips, and tricks. Contact us today at 800-992-003 to discuss how we can service your business.