Disposable vs. Reusable Medical Gowns: Which Is Safer?

The debate over the necessary use of disposable versus reusable medical supplies has gone on for a long time. In some cases, disposable is required when it comes to the safety of patients and the danger of cross-contamination. However, medical gowns may be an item that by switching to reusable, you are not risking anyone […]

Hygienically Clean Certification

We have some exciting news to share! As part of our ongoing commitment to superior cleanliness and quality, we’ve earned the TRSA Hygienically Clean Certification. This certification provides a quantified and validated standard of measurement utilizing microbial testing to ensure that all product meets TRSA standards for hygienically clean textiles, linens, and uniforms. While our previous certification covered only healthcare products, we are […]

Towel And Sheet Service = More Time And Money For You!

Own a spa, fitness facility or salon?  Then you know that your clients expect clean, fresh towels and sheets available to them when they visit your establishment. As a business, you have to decide if you want to purchase or rent these items.  If you purchase them, you need to be prepared to make a […]

Calculate Your Linen Needs Like A Pro

Sometimes we forget that everyone doesn’t think about linen usage 24/7 like we do.  We even forget that some people may be inexperienced in linen usage. We realized that some folks need help when calculating their linen usage needs.  Fortunately, we’ve been doing this a long time (92 years to be exact) so we’ve got […]

Creating A Great First Impression With Logo Mats

The first impression a patron has when walking through the front door of your business can influence their entire perception of your business.  Creating a professional, clean entryway is essential to developing trust and rapport with a client.  Just as a well-kept front area and display draws a customer into your store, a mat creates […]

Renting vs. Buying Mats For Your Business

We often hear questions from businesses who want to know what the pros and cons are of buying vs. renting mats.  Although buying mats may seem like a money-saving option up-front, there’s a lot of hidden costs and time that go along with owning your own mats.  Here are some things we’ve heard about customer’s […]

All About Mat Rental

We hate to say it, but here in Pennsylvania, snow and ice is right around the corner.  We’re not trying to wish away fall BUT if you don’t have mats in your restaurant or business, now’s a great time to think about it. A regular mat service will have a positive impact on your business […]

We Employ The Best People And It Shows

We truly employ the best people which in turn, allows us to provide the best service.  Think that our employment practices don’t effect you?  Well, they do!  Employing top of the line managers gives us a tremendous advantage in the quality service and products we provide our customers. The Textile Rental Services Association of America […]

The Less Obvious Benefits Of Table Linens

Everyone knows the advantages of using linen table cloths when it comes to elegance and the overall feel for a restaurant.  Our customers who switch from paper napkins have so many great things to say about using cloth, besides just raising their prices.  What’s interesting is that a lot of their reasons for switching are […]

Never Ask For Service Again

Our customers have told us that the best part about renting from us is that you don’t have to ask for service.  Hopefully, besides a little small talk with one of our friendly Route Service Reps, you won’t even know we were there; new (and the correct amount of) product will just magically appear on […]