We Employ The Best People And It Shows

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We truly employ the best people which in turn, allows us to provide the best service.  Think that our employment practices don’t effect you?  Well, they do!  Employing top of the line managers gives us a tremendous advantage in the quality service and products we provide our customers.

The Textile Rental Services Association of America offers its members various Management Institutes.  This professional development and certification mixes traditional classroom training with online modules and interactive sessions to provide more than 150 hours of continuous management and production study.  Upon completion of the required hours, managers are tested and will receive a Certified Professional Laundry Manager accreditation.

We’re proud that our Director of Operations has already received this certification and is moving onto executive level training.  Our Plant Manager is a year into the program too and our maintenance supervisor is beginning it this year as well.  This program creates a strong management team with expertise in productivity, labor assessment, business ethics, leadership, maintenance skills, and customer service.  We’ve found that managers who are certified are well-versed in every aspect of the textile rental business and are able to productively contribute and implement new ideas that make Balfurd a leader in the textile rental industry

So we know what you’re thinking, “big deal, how does this help me as a customer?”

When managers thrive it creates an entirely different culture in a laundry (or any business).  As a customer, you see the results of these cultural shifts through better quality products, better customer service and cost-savings.  Quality products are produced because experienced supervisors understand the entire laundry process and can ensure products are being cleaned and packaged in a uniform manner. They can make tweaks to current methods in order to create the outstanding quality products our customers expect.  Strong leadership promotes better customer service which is achieved through new and innovative ideas to involve you in the entire rental process.  Top managers understand the importance of customer satisfaction and will make sure you are always more than satisfied.  They instill this customer-first mindset into all staff and service professionals leading to a phenomenal customer experience.  Lastly, and most importantly for most businesses, cost-savings for you can be achieved.  When laundries are more productive and able to use top of the line automated technology, it cuts down on our labor costs.  Those cost-savings are transferred directly to our customers.

At Balfurd, we’re always looking to improve our manager training.  We believe in our employees and in training them to be as knowledgeable about the laundry industry as possible.  We know what a positive effect this can have on our company culture and how it can create a positive customer experience.

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