Balfurd Scrubs Rental Services

Introduction In the medical industry, it’s essential that all items that are used on a daily basis are professionally cleaned to prevent the spread of germs. Scrubs are no exception to this rule. Medical professionals need uniforms that enable them to perform their best while staying safe. But, it can be overwhelming for the staff […]

The Importance of Providing Laundry Services For Hospitals

Hospitals and medical facilities provide many important services that require their linens to meet sanitary guidelines for patients and employees. Hospital bedding, patient gowns, employee scrubs, and doctor coats must all be properly cleaned and disinfected to eliminate germs and toxins from being transferred. Aside from the need to have clean, disinfected linens, comfort is […]

Are Reusable Cloths Safe?

Utilizing reusable cloths can have many benefits. But, when reusing any type of object, there are always concerns about the cleanliness of the object. In this article, we dive into the benefits of using reusable cloths, and how to keep them clean and safe. Environmental Advantages of Cloth Towels One of the biggest benefits of […]