Balfurd Scrubs Rental Services

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In the medical industry, it’s essential that all items that are used on a daily basis are professionally cleaned to prevent the spread of germs. Scrubs are no exception to this rule. Medical professionals need uniforms that enable them to perform their best while staying safe. But, it can be overwhelming for the staff to have to manage loads of laundry daily, and it can be unsanitary for staff members to take their scrubs home to clean each day. That’s where scrubs rental services come in.

What is a Scrubs Rental Service?

A scrubs rental service is a service that Balfurd offers to pick up, professionally launder, and deliver scrubs on a weekly basis to make life easier for your staff members and ensure that the uniforms are cleaned to the highest standard possible.

How does a Scrubs Rental Service work?

This scrubs rental service works like this:
1. One of our service representatives will deliver freshly laundered scrubs on your preferred day of pickup and delivery
2. At the same time, the service rep will pick up your previously worn scrubs
3. The service rep will return to our state-of-the-art facility, where the dirtied scrubs will be professionally cleaned, pressed, and ready for the next delivery
4. The service rep will deliver the freshly laundered scrubs back to your business, and the cycle continues!

What are the advantages?

Utilizing a scrubs rental service helps take one thing off your plate each week which puts extra time back in your pocket. You can enjoy a stress-free laundry experience and not worry about the cleanliness of your establishment. You can rest easy knowing that the scrubs of your employees will be cleaned to the highest standards. In addition, when you own your own pieces, your staff could wear through their uniform quickly, meaning you will be responsible to replace each item as they wear down. With a rental service, we automatically inspect each piece of clothing and repair or replace as necessary, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Balfurd Scrubs Rental Service

With Balfurd, you know you’re getting high-quality, professionally laundered pieces every time you place an order with us. If your business is located in Pennsylvania, reach out to Balfurd’s Linen Service for all your linen needs!

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