Are Reusable Cloths Safe?

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Utilizing reusable cloths can have many benefits. But, when reusing any type of object, there are always concerns about the cleanliness of the object. In this article, we dive into the benefits of using reusable cloths, and how to keep them clean and safe.

Environmental Advantages of Cloth Towels

One of the biggest benefits of utilizing reusable cloth towels is how much they can reduce your carbon footprint. On average, paper towels generate 219 pounds of CO2 each year for the general consumer. If we could reduce this amount, we could make an impact and help reduce the amount of excess carbon dioxide that is released into the atmosphere.

Advantages of a Cloth Towel Service

1. Cost

Even if your employees and customers use paper towels minimally, the overall cost of purchasing multiple rolls of paper towels each week will add up to much more than the cost of cloth towels. Reusable cloths cost about the same as a pack of paper towels, but they last for a much longer period of time. The savings definitely add up over time.

2. Time

Using a cloth towel service can save you lots of time. If you want to opt for the most sustainable option of using cloth towels, but don’t have the time to keep up with washing the towels, a cloth towel service is perfect for you. This will help you get the best of both worlds.

3. Supply Chain

When it comes to paper products, there are often supply chain issues that cause lack of inventory. With a cloth towel rental service, you’ll never have to worry about restocking paper towels again. 

4. Elevated Experience

Cloth towels can add an extra pizzazz to your everyday experience inside your place of business. You can order specific towels that go with the color theme of your company and help elevate the dining or working environment for your customers and employees.

Balfurd’s Towel Services

If you’re located in the greater Pittsburgh area, reach out to Balfurd Linen Service for all your towel rental service needs. With Balfurd, you rest assured that your reusable cloths will be professionally laundered and sanitized every week. Visit our website for more information and an instant quote today.

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