The Importance of Providing Laundry Services For Hospitals

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Hospitals and medical facilities provide many important services that require their linens to meet sanitary guidelines for patients and employees. Hospital bedding, patient gowns, employee scrubs, and doctor coats must all be properly cleaned and disinfected to eliminate germs and toxins from being transferred. Aside from the need to have clean, disinfected linens, comfort is also an important factor. High-quality linens assure that all bedding, gowns, scrubs and coats make visits and shifts as comfortable as possible.

Having a laundry service takes some of the stress away from efficiently operating your hospital. Laundering and maintaining linens can be a costly expense as businesses need to staff workers to handle those tasks. Operating costs can also add up as water, electricity, detergent and other supplies are needed to properly launder, disinfect and press all of the linens. Our laundry service takes care of all of those tasks for you. Our staff launders, disinfects and maintains all of your linens. We constantly monitor the quality of the linens and will automatically mend and/or replace any damaged goods.

Why Our Laundry Services Benefit Your Hospital

At Balfurd Linen, we word hard to provide convenient linen laundering services for hospitals, medical facilities and small practices. We understand that every hospital is different so we provide different linen and supply options so you can choose the items that best suit your business’s requirements. We provide everything your business needs from bedding linens, gowns, scrubs, coats, mats and more. We keep a large inventory of linens and supplies to make sure that we always have more than enough to meet your daily operating needs. Delivery services are automatic and can be scheduled based on a timeframe that best suits your business. A designated driver gets assigned to your business so that you have a familiar point of contact to keep track of all of your needs.

Want to Learn More About Professional Hospital Laundry Services?

We strive to deliver the best professional laundry services for businesses throughout Pennsylvania. Our goal is to provide convenience and peace of mind so you can focus on running your business. If you’re interested in learning more about our hospital laundry services, visit

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