4 Pro Tips About Front Of House Uniforms You Probably Don’t Know

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Dear #Dirtylaundryexpert,

I don’t have uniforms for my front of house employees. What are some options to make them look more like a team and help raise my brand awareness?


“Motley Crew

Dear “Motley Crew,”

You know I sell uniform service right?

What I hope you realize after reading this, is the only thing holding you back from having a better image, effective immediately, is for you to make a decision.

If you already have a service for your back of the house items, there are really just 2 options for you to consider. All other options are lousy, and include the option you are using now, which is doing nothing (I say this with love…).

1. Standard Rental Service
-New uniforms for all team members
-No upfront cost
-Less than $10/week per team member
-Delivered on hangers weekly, sorted by team member
-Dirty picked up and laundered weekly
-Repaired, replaced as needed
-Provider owns uniforms, responsible for upkeep
-Name badge and your company emblem on shirt
-Standard 5 year agreement

The benefit of this model is that when image slips, you can require an upgrade from your uniform provider, rather than have some kind of life/hygiene conversation with your employee(s). (Those are never fun).

Pro Tip 1: Have your employees sign an initial form for their uniforms, with the understanding that any uniforms not returned by them will be deducted from their check. Many businesses even require their employees to pay for all or part of the uniform program through payroll deduct.

Pro Tip 2: Keep what we call a “size run” on hand for new employees to try on, so new uniforms always fit.

Pro Tip 3: Keep some uniforms without name badges on hand, so you have something for your new employees to wear during the time when they are deciding if they’re going to show up, and keep showing up for work.

2. Direct Sale Program
If you want more of an embroidered polo look for your team, this is the way to go.
Sharp looking polo shirts and washing machines the size of your house, do not get along.

Pro Tip 4: Purchase 3 polos per employee ($100 total), but require employees to provide their own pants of a certain color. Have a pants option for payroll-deduct purchase available to overcome your color/fashion-blind employees.

We work with you to select the shirt, pant, jacket options that best achieve the team look you are going for. You tell us what size and how many. We deliver or drop ship them to you, ready to wear. Use all the same Pro Tips as with a full service program.

Now that you know the ropes, you have zero excuses for your employees to not look like more of a team next season.

I’m Jay Rasmussen, and this is My Dirty Laundry.

*Jay is the Vice President of Sales for Balfurd Linen and Uniform Service, and is a “Dirty Laundry” Expert. Contact him at Jay@balfurd.com

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