Will A Linen Rental Service Save You Money?

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Running a restaurant is hard enough; you don’t need to run a laundry too!

The labor, maintenance and inventory investment in using your own linens, kitchen towels, and aprons is huge.  Whether you use napkins & tablecloths, or kitchen towels or bar mops, a linen provider will make your life easier.

So we asked our customers, why do you use a linen rental service?  Here are the top 5 reasons:

1). It opens up valuable floor space. 

Linen storage areas and large, expensive washing and drying machines take up valuable floor space in your establishment.  Think of the extra revenue you could generate if you were able to convert that floor space into just a few extra tables!

2). No large initial investment in linens, aprons and towels plus no continued investment in replacing old linens.

With renting, there’s no initial investment (we buy the product for you!).  Plus we’re able to get out tough stains you won’t be able to.  We also dispose of stained and damaged pieces and replace them with new pieces at no additional charge to you!

3). Predictable monthly expenses. 

By signing a service agreement, you know exactly what you’re spending on linens every month and you can budget for your other business needs.  There are no surprises.

4). Using paper products is more expensive than you think. 

The typical consumer that eats out uses 3 paper napkins compared to 1 cloth napkin.

5). You’re not scrambling to find napkins at the last minute. 

If you fall behind on cleaning your own linens or towels, you may be scrambling to find clean ones on a busy night.  With renting, your products arrive cleaned, pressed, and ready to go.  If you ever have a linen emergency, just call our on call service 24/7.  We will deliver you any additional linens you need for those busy weekends.

Contact us to see if renting is the right choice for your business!  One of our experienced team members can help.