Should I Use a Towel Service or Buy My Own?

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Many businesses assume it is cheaper to have their own towel service, but they don’t reflect deeply on the thought of maintenance.

The price of towels ranges from as low as $3 to as high as $75. Buying towels isn’t the only cost included. You need regular maintenance and cleaning which adds expenses like detergence, staff, and utilities. So is it better to use a towel service or purchase your own? This article will give a detailed insight into whether you should use a towel service or buy your own. Keep reading!

Shopping Towels in Bulk Vs Service costs

Running a business is all about making the right decisions for your company, and that includes finding the most cost-effective ways to operate. When shopping for towels, businesses have two main options: buying them in bulk or using a towel service.

Buying towels in bulk is typically more affordable when you don’t look further into it. The average cost of towels can range from $3 to $75. Apart from the towels, you need staff to maintain them by washing, drying and sanitizing these towels, adding further expenses.

On the other hand, Towel services provide a convenient way to keep a steady supply of clean towels without worrying about washing or maintaining them. The average cost for towel rental per inventory is  $0.3 to $0.20 per towel, making them more affordable and hassle-free.

How Many Towels do I Need?

The amount of towels needed depends on the business type and how often customers use them. For example, a spa or salon will need more towels than a restaurant since customers use them more often. For a business like a restaurant, you’ll need about one towel per customer. If you have a lot of customers, you may need more.

You’ll need about two towels per customer for a spa or salon. Again, if you have a lot of customers, you may need more. To be safe, it’s always best to have extra towels on hand, so you’re never caught short. That way, your customers will always be able to enjoy the best experience possible.

Why Choose a Professional Towel Cleaning Service?

Increase Efficiency

Businesses must focus on their work tasks and provide their customers with the best service possible. Therefore, businesses cannot afford to waste time on less important tasks such as washing and drying towels. A professional towel cleaning service will increase efficiency as businesses do not need to waste time on these tasks. The service will also ensure that towels are clean, sanitary, and well kept. They replace all damaged towels automatically. This is important as businesses need to maintain a high level of hygiene and presentation.

Cost Effective,

Using a professional towel cleaning service can save a ton of money. They use high-end detergents and sanitation chemicals. They also use advanced equipment to launder and dry them. You don’t have to worry about paying additional staff, buying soap or washing agents or investing in washing and drying equipment. 

Professional Cleaning

The professional towel cleaning services are experts in what they do. They thoroughly wash the towels, sanitize them, and then dry them with their advanced equipment. 

Customer Service

When you manage the towels on your own, you can face additional unexpected scenarios. If your washing/drying employee doesn’t show up, you have to manage it by finding a replacement worker, which can be time-consuming. If you let the professional services handle this task, you don’t have to worry about this aspect anymore, giving you peace of mind.


If your business grows, you may need to buy more towels to serve your clients better, but with towel service, you just need to call for more towel orders, and that’s it!


Small changes can make a big difference when it comes to reducing your ecological footprint. One change you can make is to switch to a professional towel cleaning service. These businesses are eco-friendly by reducing solid waste, water usage, energy use, and chemical use. They do this by using these resources efficiently. For example, they may use high-efficiency washers with less water and energy. 


So if you’re still wondering about whether you should buy your own towels or use the towel service, the best decision is to use a towel service.

Using a towel service provider can save you both time and money. Moreover, you’ll have peace of mind as you don’t have to worry about the laundry aspect of maintaining towels anymore. You’ll have a designated contact that works with you that is conveniently available to assist with anything you need.

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