How to Properly Manage Oil-Soaked Shop Towels

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What is the proper way to dispose of oil-soaked rags? Let’s dive into the different options and alternatives that are available for disposing oil-soaked rags, as well as the regulations, environmental impacts, and costs.

Different Options

Here are the disposal and environmentally friendly options:

  1. Incineration: destructing waste through high temperatures in a controlled furnace
  2. Landfill: throwing away waste that gets spread out in layers, compacted, and covered with dirt 
  3. Energy: generating energy from a disposal method into the form of electricity or heat
  4. Reusable programs: a laundry service will pick up, professionally launder the rags, and deliver them back on a regular basis

These options provide different solutions for businesses to dispose of or reuse their oil-soaked shop towels. Next, let’s dive into a guide to help you choose the best plan of action for your business.

Guide for Disposal

The first question to ask is: Has the oil-soaked shop towel been drained with no signs of continually dripping liquids?

If not, then the used rags must be handled with precaution according to the used oil management standards.

If yes, then move on to this question: Will the rags be discarded or reused?

If they will be discarded, then take the necessary steps to prepare the waste for incineration, going to a landfill, or turning it into energy.

If they will be reused, then store them in the proper container until they are able to be washed and ready to be reused.

State Compliance

To view the state compliance rules for Pennsylvania, view the state environmental protection agency page here. This will inform you of the rules and regulations specific to Pennsylvania. 

Average Costs

In addition to knowing the safety regulations and requirements for disposing of oil-soaked rags, let’s dive into the costs:

Typically, costs vary greatly depending on the state or region you are in and what type of disposal method you utilize. Roll off and compactors are much cheaper than drums to service on a regular basis. By-the-drum incineration can cost $200 per drum and non-hazardous waste compactors can be around $250 per haul. You’ll need to ask about all costs associated with these procedures, such as delivery fees, fuels, and/or environmental fees, minimum tonnage fees, rental fees, and more. As well as being a more environmentally friendly option, reusing oil-soaked towels is often the cheapest option in comparison to the disposal alternatives.

Services with Balfurd

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