Choosing the Right Floor Mats For Your Business

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Businesses can benefit from using floor mats for a multitude of reasons. They create a great first impression for guests when they walk in the door, and help keep the business clean. Furthermore, floor mats can help keep customers and employees safe by preventing accidents like slipping from debris on the floor. There are many different types of floor mats to choose from, so let’s dive into the how you know which option is best for your business.

Types of Mats

Custom Logo Mats: Custom logo mats are perfect for promoting your business, product, or event through showcasing the design right where everyone enters the establishment. This can also improve the aesthetic appeal of your entryway and provide another opportunity for marketing your business.

Carpeted Floor Mats & Outdoor Scraper Matting: Carpeted floor mats have specialized features that scrap dirt, debris, and other items off of shoes as people walk by. This helps keep your establishment clean and sanitary. There is also an outdoor version of the same type of mat to help keep dirt and moisture off of shoes, preventing injuries inside.

Comfort Flo & Anti-Fatigue Mats: Comfort flo mats are specially designed to withstand wet floors that contain grease, oil, chemicals, and any other liquids without shifting the mat. These mats have drainage holes as well to allow liquid to flow under and away from the area. They also have a comfortable rubber material to allow for employees to have a comfortable day at work. Similarly, anti-fatigue mats provide additional comfort while still providing extra protection from slippery surfaces.

Top Benefits of Floor Mats

The main benefits of renting or purchasing floor mats is to remove dirt and grime from the floors of your establishment. Otherwise, you may end up with filthy floors covered in dirt and harmful substances. By implementing floor mats into your business, you eliminate the possibility of dangerous injuries from occuring and also increase the visual aesthetics of your establishment.

Floor Mats with Balfurd Linen 

Floor mats serve multiple purposes for any business and are a great investment to make to further promote your company, or to prevent disastrous injuries from occuring. At Balfurd Linen Service, we offer exceptional mat services to help businesses thrive and prosper. Reach out to us by calling or visiting our website for more information on how to get started with our mat rental services.

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