What’s The Big Deal With Cleaning Automation In A Commercial Laundry?

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So, what’s the big deal with cleaning automation in a commercial laundry facility?  What could be different from having your items cleaned in an automated plant vs. a non-automated plant?

Believe it or not, the difference is huge and especially pronounced an item’s quality, cleanliness of product, and price.

We use a 9-step wash-formula to ensure every product looks brand new.  This entire process is automated based on what product is being washed.  The amount of time in certain cycles, the temperature, what soap, how much detergent and the length of cleaning and drying time is all determined by the product.  By creating these wash and dry formulas, we are able to give our customer’s the most consistent and best quality product possible.

Another huge positive in automation has to do with sanitizing items.  Specific formulas ensure that certain products are treated to eliminate all biohazardous material.  Our healthcare facilities can rest assured that their products aren’t simply washed and dried, but instead they’re treated with a unique blend of soaps, bleaches and specific temperatures to create a sanitized product that they can be comfortable using.

We’ve been able to rely on 88 years of industry experience and continuous training to develop these formulas which give you a great looking product, every time.

The best part for our customer’s is that using a high level of automation not only creates a uniform quality product every time but saves us money.  We, in turn, can pass those savings on to you!

Check out our plant tour to find out more.