Local Commercial Laundry vs. National Chain Laundry

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So what’s the big deal about going using small, regionally local businesses?  Did you know, working with a local, family-owned business adds a tremendous value to the region?  One study noted for every $100 spent with a local-entity, $45 goes back into the community.  For a chain, only $14 goes back.  Wow, mind blown on that statistic.  We know it’s true, at Balfurd, we care about the communities we live and work in!

Many of our linen and healthcare service clients seek us out simply because we are a local, family-owned commercial laundry facility that they know they can trust.  We’ve heard numerous stories about the great service and quality we’re able to provide.  Many of these customers have come to us after using national chains where they have been unhappy with the level of disconnect they felt with those providers.  We’re proud to expertly service all of our customers, big and small, and give each and every one the immediate attention and exceptional service that’s an expectation of Balfurd.

We wanted to discuss some of the advantages of using a local provider that many of our current customers have shared with us!  These are the big 4 that we’ve heard over the years.

Management accessibility

With a local provider, you are able to dial a local number and speak with a real, live person.  No robots here.  At Balfurd, a living, breathing service representative always answers the phone and they can direct you to the correct individual if they’re not able to personally assist you.  There is no automated answering service and listening to endless prompts before finally speaking with an operator.  You can even speak with management when you request to!  If it’s not business-hours, we always have someone on call to help our your business in an emergency.

Exceptional Service

Local companies are able to provide personal service to our customers.  Commercial laundry market research demonstrates that local, independent laundries outperformed national chains in ALL service categories!  Responsiveness, quality of service personnel, service quality, fair billing and product quality to name a few!

Honest Pricing

We take pride in our fair and honest pricing.  Your service agreement is always based on your needs and we will happily answer any questions.  When the market was polled on who has fairer billing policies (local independents vs. national chains) local independents were chosen by a 2 to 1 margin!


Despite not being a big, national chain, we are able to provide numerous product offerings to meet virtually any need.  We cater to all of our customers needs big and small and are able to service any-sized facilities. We select our products based on the needs of our customers in the local market and provide choices that work for our customers.

So there it is.  Your reason for going the local business route.  Have questions?  Feel free to contact us, anytime!  We promise you’ll talk to a person, not a machine.

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