How Our Customer Service Is Different

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At Balfurd Linen Service, we’re known for our customer service.  Our customers that have dealt with other linen companies in the past have asked us how we do it.  Trust us when we say, exceptional customer service isn’t always easy but we know how important it is.  These are the keys to our exceptional customer experience (in our humble opinion):

We’re a Big Company but Our Service Functions like a Small One

Starting out as a small family business has forever influenced our Customer Service Policies.  We can’t begin to count how many special deliveries we’ve made for customers over the years.  Our District Service Managers will throw an order in the back of a car and make a 75-mile trip, on a weekend, just to get something to a customer.  A real, live person always answers the phone during business hours and our customers have our manager’s phone numbers and can talk to them any time they’d like.

Our Employees are Key

Our Route Service Representatives are the best in the industry.  They know their customers names and inventories better than anyone.  If they usually have 100 napkins for an account and there’s only 50 on the truck, they call to make sure the order’s correct.  They take pride in their work and it shows.  When they have vacation days our customer’s will ask, “Where’s Chuck?” to our subs which shows the relationships they’ve built. Our turnover is low and we think that says a lot about our business.

We Provide Educational Opportunities for Customers

We partner with our customers to make sure they understand their linen usage and the required inventory to meet their demand.  Our service managers frequently stop in to their accounts to inventory linen and determine if their linen management system is working.  We understand this industry and the upturns and downturns in business.  And we’re always available to help.

These are just a few of the ways we provide exceptional service.  It’s a simple idea, that can be hard to implement but we do our best every day.

With service across from Harrisburg, to Pittsburgh PA and Northern Maryland and West Virginia contact us today to find out more about specifically-tailored linen and healthcare rental service programs.

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