Healthcare Gown Rental Comparison

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We’ve all been there.  Waiting for the doctor in that flimsy, scratchy paper gown.  Not only are you freezing under that thin, little thing but you’re also hoping it keeps you covered up until the doc comes in to see you.

Despite the easy storage of paper gowns, there are a lot of negatives to using paper products in the medical field.

  • Paper products must be disposed of properly to meet OSHA guidelines.  These costs can add up and become more expensive than renting with all of the regulations involved with OSHA.  The fees for proper  disposal costs will surprise you.
  • It’s less environmentally friendly than using a rental service.  The medical field throws out 1,000 of tons of garbage each year making it one of the most wasteful.  Cutting down on garbage and renting products that are resuable is an environmentally-responsible choice.
  • A rental service is still oftentimes necessary for scrubs and lab coats anyway.  If a rental service is coming to your facility to deliver scrubs and lab coats for medical personnel, it’s easy to just have them also bring patient gowns.

Simply put, patients are more comfortable in a cloth gowns as opposed to paper.  Not only does this save you in disposal costs, but you’re doing your part to be environmentally-conscious.

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