Getting The Best Deal On Linen Rental Service

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Many of our customers ask how to save money on linen rentals.  We want to stress that, like anything else, for linen rental service you get what you pay for.  We’ve put together some tips on how to balance getting a good price on linen rentals with the importance of incorporating service and quality into the equation too.

First, we’ll say this.  If a price seems too good to be true, it probably is.  When a price is extremely low you’re either sacrificing quality of product, service or there may be hidden costs down the line. Here’s are our best tips on making sure you’re getting a fair deal on your linen rentals.

Tip #1: Sign a longer-termed service agreement.  Service agreements terms are important both to you and to the linen service company.  When a company sets up a new customer they have to buy new inventory to accommodate that customer.  Without a service agreement, a company may spend $10,000 in new inventory and the customer may decide to switch to save a penny.  The service agreement also protects you as the customer by specifying the amount of product you are to receive.  This protects you from being “shorted” by a linen company.  If you sign a long-term contract, many times you can negotiate a better deal simply because the linen company can be sure that the newly bought inventory won’t go to waste.  Some customers are nervous about signing a long-term contract but if you do your due dilligence and check customer testimonials and references for a company, it’s not a problem.

Tip #2: Read your service agreement and calculate the cost of rental over the course of the agreement.  Some companies will entice you to sign-up with them by showing a low initial weekly cost.  In the following years, you’ll see huge charge hikes and you’ll end up paying significantly more over the course of your contract than you would with a company who shows a reasonable initial price.  It’s normal for all contracts to increase slightly year-to-year but look closely at those percentages and calculate your own figures.  This will show if you’re getting the best deal over the course of your agreement, not just in the first year.

Tip #3: When you see a very low price, ask yourself why.  Even though we’re focusing on price, there’s a lot more to the equation than that.  Ask yourself, “Why and how is a company able to offer me such a great deal?”  Many times they are sacrificing quality or service in order to lowball pricing.  Determine if you’re willing to pay a little more for a great quality product that will drive patrons into your business.  Remember, the bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.

Tip #4: Look to work with local companies.  Many large, national chains put policies in effect that aren’t in the best interest to small, local businesses.  Many of these companies have no interest in helping you grow as a company, it’s just another sign-up.  Using local companies puts money into your local economy which helps to stimulate your business.  Local companies also tend to support the communities they serve through donations to community events and local nonprofits.

We’re fortunate enough to have been in business for 87 years with service from Pittsburgh to Harrisburg to Northern Maryland.  We’ve established ourselves thanks to one thing: our extremely loyal customer base.  We understand the importance of a balance between price, service and quality and work to maintain that balance for our customers, every day.  We think it’s important for customers to make informed decisions when it comes to linen rentals.  Our customers all agree, we’re the best of the best in the linen industry and it shows.  Contact us today to for a free consultation of your linen program.

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