Client Perceptions Of Napkins

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So you’re thinking about switching your napkins.  Many restaurants toy with the idea of switching from paper to cloth napkins but it all comes down to one thing; is there an actual benefit from a profitability standpoint for your restaurant? Our customers often question if this change will yield a higher revenue for them or enhance the atmosphere of their dining facility.

Fortunately, there’s now some hard data on this topic available!  In 2012, a Consumer Napkin Preference Study was performed by JMG and it had some really interesting findings for those of you considering this switch.

Here’s what consumers told them about napkins:

1.  77% of consumers notice the way a table is set when visiting a restaurant
2.  Consumers who prefer cloth napkins will pay 64% more an entree than those who prefer paper napkins
3.  75% of consumers associate tables set with cloth with better food quality
4.  88% of consumers associate tables set with cloth with better food service
5.  82% of consumers associate tables set with cloth with a better restaurant appearance & ambiance
6. The average U.S.. consumer uses 3 paper napkins per meal compared to one cloth napkin
7.  84% of consumers associate tables set with cloth with being environmentally friendly

The most common consumer statements on why they preferred cloth napkins were:

•    that cloth napkins were classier
•    provided a better restaurant atmosphere
•    did a better job cleaning because they were more sturdy
So there it is, diners really DO notice when cloth napkins are used and they’re willing to pay more for their meal at a restaurant that uses cloth napkins.  What’s even better is associating cloth napkins with better service, food quality and ambiance will ensure that your clients will return to your restaurant again, and again.  Cloth napkins will create an overall better dining experience for your clients with a very small investment on your part (especially considering that most consumers use 3 paper napkins vs. 1 cloth napkin per meal).

We’re not saying cloth napkins are right for EVERY establishment, but there are many restaurants that could see a profitable benefit to switching.  We have a wide variety of colors available to create a dining experience to remember.  Contact us today for a free consultation with one of our experienced team members to see how we can help you!

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