Advantages of a First Aid Rental Service

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Most businesses have a self-run first aid cabinet or area. The main issue that people run into with self-run first aid stations is that employers don’t always have the time to continually stock with new items. Because of this, when an emergency occurs, there may be expired products or no products available. In a dire situation, time is the most important factor. If you forget to stock up on a crucial item and one of your employees becomes hurt, the situation may worsen due to inadequate healthcare supplies in your first aid kit. Utilizing a first aid rental service eliminates that worry. 

What’s Included in a First Aid Rental Service?

A first aid rental kit or station is maintained by a rental company. Typically, businesses utilize this feature as an add-on to a linen rental or uniform rental service. When your service representative arrives to pick up the rest of your supplies, they will also check your first aid kit and restock and reorganize the station, if needed. This ensures that you always have a stocked up first aid station, which means you have one less thing to worry about each week.

What wounds can you treat with Balfurd's products?

Our first aid stations provide a wide range of supplies. Here are some wounds and injuries you could treat with our Large First Aid Cabinet:

  • Burns
  • Minor Wounds
  • Serious Wounds
  • Headache
  • Heartburn
  • … & More!

Balfurd’s Services

If you work with us, you’ll be able to choose from the following options to rent:

Looking to book rental services with us? Visit our website for a full list of our offerings and how you can get started today!

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