What To Do If Your Linen Service Bill Is More Than Your Contract Stated

Dear #dirtylaundryexpert, When I signed up with our linen provider, the cost per item was lower than the other companies I got quotes from. Now that I’ve started, my weekly bill is so much higher! What happened? Sincerely, Bait and Switched Dear “Bait and Switched,” I have good news and bad news for you. The bad news is that it sounds […]

Should You Add Logo Mats To Your Business?

Dear #dirtylaundryexpert, I’ve seen some other companies with logo mats. Do you think these are necessary for my business? Sincerely, Too Broke for Branding Dear “Too Broke for Branding,” If you already have a mat service (we swap your dirty mats with clean ones every week), you might as well have some of them be logo mats for no additional charge. Any rental product […]