Why You Need A Hospital Linen Service

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Getting admitted to a hospital is usually an unfavorable situation. That’s why it’s essential for hospitals to do everything possible to create a comfortable environment for their patients. One game-changer is constantly having the cleanest bed sheets, gowns, towels, and more for patients to use while waiting for treatment, undergoing surgery, or peacefully recovering. In addition, hospital linen services can provide the cleanest scrubs and lab coats for hospital employees to utilize and enjoy their workday. Read on to learn all about hospital linen services and find more information about the best provider in Pennsylvania.

What is a Hospital Linen Service?

A hospital linen service provides regular cleaning and maintenance of all linens such as bed sheets, lab coats, gowns, scrubs, mops, towels, and any other linens used in the medical industry. This helps cut down on wasted time, so that you can spend more time focusing on assisting your patients.

Why You Need a Hospital Linen Service

In the medical field, it’s extremely important that all linens are regularly and professionally cleaned. If the bed linens are not adequately cleaned, then there is risk of diseases or infections spreading among patients or staff members. This puts everyone in the hospital at risk. Ultimately, this can be avoided by opting for a professional hospital linen service to provide cleaning. Furthermore, utilizing a hospital linen service means you will always have the cleanest, high-quality linens which helps raise the comfortability of the hospital for both guests and employees.

Benefits of a Hospital Linen Service at Balfurd

Balfurd’s hospital linen service provides the best customer service experience and linen rental program for the medical industry. With Balfurd’s hospital linen service rental program, we take care of all of your linen needs for you so you can focus on your patients. We assign a professional service member to communicate directly with you and monitor your needs. Service maintenance is scheduled for the same times each week on a schedule of your choosing. Every week the representative will stock, launder, mend, purchase and replace your medical linens automatically. 

Contact us to see how you could start implementing Balfurd linen services today!

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