Why Uniform Services Benefit Food Processing Companies

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Food processing is the act of taking raw and fresh foods and making them into food products ready for consumption. This process ranges from cooking, drying, smoking, fermenting, freezing, pickling, pasteurizing, and more! Food processing can make accessing food more convenient, add nutritional value, and reduce the costs of goods, which is why the food processing industry is so essential to our society and economy. 


Safety in the Processing Plant

When working with food processing, managing cross-contamination and ensuring food safety are top priorities. In order for food processing to be clean and sanitary, the uniforms that food processing workers wear are extremely important. These uniforms need to be cleaned daily and free from tears. This helps protect the workers as well as the food they are preparing. 

Uniform Rental Services

When it comes to food safety, ensuring that your team always has a clean uniform is extremely important, but it can be hard to manage. A uniform rental service can eliminate that worry. By ordering rental uniforms through Balfurd Linen Service, you can ensure that your team will always be in the same attire and that it will always be professionally cleaned and sanitized. 

Here’s how it works:

  1. You pick which delivery service and uniform styles fit your business.
  2. We deliver freshly cleaned and pressed uniforms to your business.
  3. Your team uses clean uniforms all week.
  4. We come back to drop off a fresh batch and pick up your soiled uniforms.
  5. The cycle continues!

Balfurd Linen Services

Worry about one less thing each week by opting for our rental uniform delivery services! If you’re located in the greater Pittsburgh area, check out the different types of food processing rental uniforms that we offer at Balfurd Linen Services. Visit our website for more information on how to get started today.

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