Why Floor Mat Rental Programs Provide Businesses With Safety Benefits

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With a busy business comes a lot of foot traffic. One of the main safety concerns in many establishments is slipping due to wet or dirty floors. Especially on bad weather days, customers and employees can track water and debris from outside. Without floor mats, people are susceptible to injuries from falls. Not to mention, unclean, wet floors create a dirty look in an establishment, which may turn away customers. Floor mats not only enhance the appearance of your space but also provide a necessary safety precaution. Many businesses opt for floor mat rental services for a convenient solution. 

Mats Prevent Slippery Floors

Dirt, moisture, debris, oil, chemicals, and grease are just a few examples of what could be on your floors and cause safety issues. Safety in work areas is essential to maintain happy and healthy customers and employees. High-traffic work areas are bound to harbor unwanted elements that could pose slip hazards. “Comfort Flo Mats” can help make these areas safer. Not only are these mats equipped with anti-fatigue properties, but they are also specifically designed to withstand areas that contain grease,  oil, chemicals, and liquids. The drainage holes allow water to flow underneath, preventing puddling.

Mats Help Prevent Dirt & Outside Hazardous Materials

Entrance areas are particularly prone to collecting dirt, debris, and moisture from outside. Without a proper entrance mat, you are letting the outside in, not just around the entryway but around your establishment. Mud, dirt, or water could be tracked through your entire space. Floor mats trap dirt and moisture, stopping the spread of dirt to the rest of the premises. This aids in preventing slip hazards, improving air quality, and reducing the risk of accidents. Investing in an excellent first line of defense can save your customers, employees, and wallet. Our outdoor scraping mat is perfect for entranceways and walkways, trapping dirt while keeping a clean appearance.

Mats Support for the Health & Safety of Employees

Professions requiring employees to spend extensive time on their feet can lead to serious discomfort and long-term health issues. The CDC finds that prolonged standing is associated with lower back and leg pain, cardiovascular problems, and more. Rental floor mats like our “Ant-Fatique Mats” include anti-fatigue properties like cushioning and ergonomic design that are designed to stave off fatigue. Employees can enjoy a reduced strain on their feet and legs with these mats. By minimizing fatigue, employees can enjoy a pain-free workday, contributing to worker well-being, productivity, and safety. All of these benefits contribute to reducing workplace injuries.

Having a Reliable Mat Service Provider

Mat rental services are the most convenient and cost-effective way to enjoy these benefits. The health and safety of employees should be your utmost priority. Using floor mats in your establishment can improve worker and customer well-being and reduce the risks of injuries. Rental providers like Balfurd take the stress away from business by handling installation, cleaning, and replacements for floor mats.

If you are ready to experience the benefits of floor mats visit our services page for more information or get a quote today!