What Does a Linen Service Do?

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Are you part of a business that needs linens and towels cleaned constantly and tire of the workload? Professional linen services offer solutions that improve linen management by bearing the weight of transportation, cleaning and restocking. The question is, what does a linen service actually do?

How Do Linen Services Support Businesses

Busy business owners don’t have time to run their businesses and handle the laundry of hundreds of guests. Laundry is the last thing on the priority list after managing employees, operations and customers. 

A linen service company delivers linens, textiles, and uniforms to their clients on a regular basis, usually weekly. Depending on the provider, they can even deliver other commonly used items like paper products and air fresheners.  A linen service owns the materials they provide and negotiate somewhat of a ‘rental agreement’ with local businesses. At regular, pre-determined intervals, they arrive with clean, ready-to-work linen and other materials. Additionally, they collect and transport soiled linen to their processing and cleaning facility. After thorough cleaning and maintenance, those linens are returned to the business, and the process repeats!

How Do We Do It?

We process well over 1 million pounds of laundry per month.

This wouldn’t be possible without two things – our dedication to the newest technology and the dedication of our employees. What do we do? At Balfurd, we purchase linens, towels, and other materials wholesale, launder these materials for other businesses, mend damaged linens to keep only the best quality products in rotation and replace your soiled linens with new ones. Our services operate on a weekly basis, and we collaborate with a business to find the needs of the company. Additionally, a professional route employee will adjust a business’s needs and renegotiate and discuss accordingly.


We take pride in our work and our impact on local businesses! Learn more about our process and how we can help your business by calling (800)-992-0003 or visiting our website.

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