Tips for Better Medical Linen Management

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No matter how big your hospital or facility is, it’s imperative that you have a medical linen management system in place to keep track of the cleanliness of your inventory and to ensure that you retain as many linens as possible. Here are some tips to better manage your linens:

  • Maintain high standards for infection control protocols. One of the most important factors of any healthcare company is the maintenance of preventative cleanliness. This can help reduce the spread of diseases and bacteria. 
  • Make all your workers accountable. Every member on your team should be made aware of the procedures in place to keep the integrity and security of your linens locked down. This can help prevent misplaced linens, stolen linens, and inadequately cleaned linens.
  • Keep an easy system in place. If your employees know that there is a simple procedure in place to keep things clean, then they will be more inclined to follow the rules. Make things easy, and everyone will easily remember what to do. This can look like an in-and-out logging system, or whatever works best for your team members.

If you neglect to prioritize medical linen management, you could end up with facility-wide issues such as company-wide inefficiencies, overspending, cross-contamination, and more.

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