Pro-Tips To Calculate Uniform & Scrub Rental Service Numbers

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Dear #dirtylaundryexpert,

I want to get a scrub service for my employees. I have no idea how to calculate the number of scrubs they’ll need each week. Help!


“No Scrubs”

Dear “No Scrubs,”

To determine the number of scrubs for your employees, do the following:

  1. Ask your Linen and Uniform service provider to bring what’s called a “size run” (XS-5XL) to your facility. Be sure they are the exact brand and style you will use for your service, and that they have been washed (not brand new) because they fit differently.
  2. Require all your scrub-wearing employees to try on tops and bottoms, and to sign off that they tried them on, and that they fit.
  3. Provide this data, plus a column next to each wearer, with the number of shifts they work each week. Your service provider will suggest an order based on the following calculation.
    1. Jay needs size XL tops and bottoms and works 5 shifts per week.
    2. To deliver 5 clean sets and pick up 5 dirty sets, while Jay is wearing a set, requires 11 sets.

To answer your question, multiply #wearers X size X days worked X 2 + 1.

Who knew we needed math to do laundry? 

As your workforce turns over, use this process to update your program requirements, so that you have enough, but are only paying for what you need. Incorporate the sizing process into your new hire onboarding steps.

If your provider will not accommodate this process, change providers.

Do not skip this process, even if you have a small team and everyone “knows” their size.

If you skip these steps for accuracy, the scrub program will haunt you in your nightmares.

If you follow the best practices listed above, you will appear smart, competent, taller, and good-looking!

Happy Scrubbing.

I’m Jay Rasmussen, and this is My Dirty Laundry.

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