Patient Gown Rental Services

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Keeping track of patient gowns and ensuring that you are always in stock of clean gowns in every size can be a difficult task. That’s where a patient gown rental service comes in handy. Read on to see how beneficial a patient gown rental service can be for your business, and how it can help reduce your workload each week!

How does a patient gown rental work?

A patient gown rental service launders your patient gowns, replaces them, and delivers them to your business. With Balfurd’s patient gown rental program, here’s a specific breakdown of how it works:

  1. You pick which time frame and types of gowns fit your business best.
  2. Balfurd delivers gowns to your business.
  3. You collect the gowns as they become worn and dirty. 
  4. Balfurd comes back to exchange the worn gowns for fresh clean ones.
  5. The dirtied gowns travel back to our professional facilities to get cleaned and put back into the cycle. 
  6. You get to worry about one less thing each week!

Why are high-quality patient gowns so important?

The gowns that your patients wear are the one thing they will have on them to protect them from all aspects of their hospital visit. It’s essential to keep your guests safe and sanitary, as well as ensure they are satisfied with their visit. With a rental service, Balfurd carefully inspects each gown before they are laundered and sent back, so you can know that your patient’s gowns are always going to be the highest quality possible. If there are rips, tears, or stains, our expert employees will either repair or replace the gowns in your order. This means you don’t have to worry about constantly ordering new gown replacements to ensure that your patients are always well taken care of.

Balfurd’s patient gown rental service

At Balfurd’s, we have a wide variety of patient gowns, IV gowns, and resuable isolation gowns to choose from according to what suits your business best. Help reduce exposure of contaminants to your team and your patients with the different products we have available for gown rental. Your gowns will always be professionally laundered and fresh pressed, which helps you focus more of your attention on the important things about running your business. If you’re located in the Greater Pittsburgh area, reach out to Balfurd’s Linen Service for more information on how to get started with a high-quality patient gown rental service.

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