How Linen Services Provide Value to Your Medical Facility

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The items in your hospital that your patients will come into contact with the most are the linens on their beds and the gowns they have to wear. That is why it is imperative to increase the quality of your linens and gowns to enhance the patient experience at your hospital. In addition, if your patients are in comfortable, clean sheets and gowns, their overall experience will be much more positive, despite their situation. This is one way to increase morale and focus on what really matters, giving your patients the treatments they need.

However, it can be challenging to maintain quality assurance and cleanliness by cleaning gowns and linens at the hospital which also takes up a ton of extra time from your valuable staff members. Hiring a professional commercial linen service to take care of your linens and gowns is a great option to increase the value of any hospital operation. 

How Linen Services Work

A linen service can help your hospital maintain professionally hygienic linens and gowns for your patients. When renting these items, the linen service will drop off freshly cleaned and pressed linens and gowns each week, and pick up the dirtied ones. Then, the linen service company will take the soiled linens and professionally launder them to be sent out for the next week. This type of service can help you reduce your hospital’s workload each week.

Linen Services with Balfurd

If you’re located in the greater Pittsburgh area, consider hiring Balfurd Linen Service to help ease up your workload each week. We offer patient gown rentals and linen services for hospitals so that you can focus more on your patients and worry less about cleaning up. Interested in learning more about how Balfurd Linen Service can help your business? Call us or visit our website for more information.

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