The Importance Of Customer Service In The Linen Rental Business

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As a linen rental business, one thing we sets us apart from our competition is our customer relationships.  Frankly, we’re more than just linen on the shelf.  Not only do our customers have a Route Service Professional who delivers their clean items and takes away the dirty, they also have a District Service Manager who takes care of their account as well as Customer Service Representatives who help them with any questions or emergency product requests.

Our route service professionals can assist you in virtually any way.  They’re able to help a you determine the amount of product you may need, products you don’t need, or point out other products we offer that a you may benefit from. Many of our customers develop strong relationships with our Route Service Professionals because they see them often and get to know them on a personal level too.

If you would need a more in-depth consultation, a District Service Manager can assist you in developing a business plan and determine products you may or may not need. We understand with so many products to choose from, things can get confusing, that’s why we’re always there to help.  The best part is, we run on your schedule.  We understand your business is busy during specific time periods and we’ll never bug you during those.

The other service people who you’ll get to know are our Customer Service Representatives.  That’s who you talk to when you call in requesting more of a product or changing an order.  You’ll always speak to a real person, not an automated prompt.  We understand how valuable your time is and we want to help you with your needs as quickly as possible.  If you run out of product, we’re happy to assist you by running a special delivery of product any time, even on weekends.

At Balfurd, we care about your business.  Our expert team can help and we cover all of Central Pennsylvania and Pittsburgh!You’ll always receive quality products, great service and a fair price.  Contact us today with any questions!


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