Delivering Team Success In Your Kitchen

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Believe it or not, we’re much more than just a plain old linen company.  Did you know, we’re able to help your entire kitchen team be more productive and happy?  Sounds crazy, right?  How would a linen company make my kitchen team more productive?  Well we can!

Study after study has shown that staff in uniform perform better as a group than staff that isn’t in uniform.  Wearing a uniform at work fosters a greater sense of pride in your job.  Staff are more engaged in their daily tasks creating greater success for the company and improved customer loyalty.  When your employees are more engaged at work it leads to better staff retention and less costs to you in employee recruitment and training.  Better yet, when all staff is uniformed, it creates a better sense of teamwork and overall feelings of unity and togetherness.  This makes your team more productive and goal-oriented.  All of these things will help to keep your customers happy and coming back.

A big problem workplaces run into with uniforms is when the staff is responsible for cleaning and caring for the uniforms themselves.  What happens?  They forget them at home, they bring them to work dirty or worse yet, they don’t clean them at all.  In a kitchen, that’s a potential disaster.  A bacteria breeding-ground, if you will.

Why not just give them a uniform when they come in and have them leave it at work to be taken care of?  No more fogetting uniforms at home and no more responsibility on your staff to have a clean uniforms at the start of their shift.

There are a huge variety of options when it comes to kitchen staff uniforms.  Bibs, Aprons, Bistro & Chef Apparel, Cook shirts and pants and more.  They’re available in a variety of colors and styles too!  Best yet, with our no-hassle delivery service your staff uniforms will always be there when you need them.  They’ll come to you clean and pressed and ready to make a difference in your staff performance!  Contact us today for a free consultation or samples.

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