Benefits of Using a Shop Towel Rental Service

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The common adage, “A chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link,” applies to much more than just chains. For example, in an auto shop, the weakest link may be a dirty shop towel that wasn’t properly decontaminated that ended up spreading grime across a newly finished car. 

In auto shops, tire centers, oil change shops, and any other manufacturing or repair shop, properly cleaned shop towels are an essential part of upholding the cleanliness standards that most customers expect. 

But, handling the task of ensuring that every shop towel is properly laundered and free of solvents or other potentially harmful chemicals can be a daunting task. Let’s explore the alternative option, working with a professional shop towel rental service to take care of it for you!

What is a Shop Towel Rental Service?

A shop towel rental service will provide you with fresh, professionally laundered shop towels on a weekly basis. To get started, you will fill out a form stating how many towels you will need and which day of the week you prefer to have everything delivered. Then, like clockwork, the service provider will drop off your fresh towels, and pick up your used ones to take back and clean up for the next week’s delivery. This can save businesses time and money, as shop towels can reduce the costs of purchasing disposable towels. 

Shop Towels vs. Disposable Towels

Like we mentioned earlier, disposable towels can end up costing more than using reusable shop towels. This is mainly because it can take an average of 8-10 disposable towels to do the job of just one reusable towel. Furthermore, this creates a surplus of waste. For a more sustainable and cheap option, shop towels are definitely the way to go.

Advantages of Working with Balfurd Linen Services

If you’re located in Pennsylvania, consider working with Balfurd Linen Services for excellent shop towel rental services. Here are the main advantages of working with Balfurd:

  • No upfront shop towel costs. When you opt to clean your own shop towels, you will need to invest in a large number of towels to get started.
  • No washing machine and dryer monthly costs. This can reduce your electricity bill.
  • Ensure that all shop towels your employees are using are 100% clean of all potential hazards.
  • Hassle-free pickup and delivery experience.

If you’re interested in streamlining your business processes by using a shop towel rental service, visit our website to learn more information on how you can get started with Balfurd Linen Services today.

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